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I tried buying plane tickets online at LAN.com using my Payoneer MasterCard.

LAN.com said the payment didn't go through and I received this email from the payments processor a little after:



Your credit card issuer informs you the result of an electronic commerce transaction.
Details as follow:

Merchant account number: 10435975
Requested transaction: Purchase
Transaction date: 06/07/14
Order number: 23556271
Last four digits of your credit card: XXXX
Transaction amount: 33282.88
Currency: Pesos
Installments quantity: 01
Transaction result: Not Approved


I checked the Terms & Conditions page from my Payoneer account and found this:


7. Limits on Transactions

For security reasons, you may only make up to ten (10) withdrawals per any 24 hour period at ATMs and the total number of transactions you can make using POS terminals is nine (9) transactions per any 24 hour period. You may not make more than USD 5,000 / EUR 5,000 / GBP 5,000 in transactions of any type from your Card per any 24 hour period (the relevant limit applies according to the card currency). Any transaction made on a non-business day is considered made on the next business day. You may not use your Card for any illegal transactions or at gambling sites or for any gambling activity.


The transaction amount in USD is about 4500, so it's below the USD 5000 limit.


Why isn't the transaction going through?





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    We have looked into your account and there have been no transactions to this site with that specific amount.


    We suggest to please check with this site to see if they accept payments from a  prepaid debit card with your billing address.

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    I was informed in the spanish forums that the daily spending limit is USD 2500.

    I managed to buy the tickets one at a time (one each day).


    For some reason, one of the original transactions I tried finally went through and now my credit card balance reads $-2386.57


    I received this support email as a response from a question I sent about this issue:



    The transaction in question is in status "outstanding authorization". This means that the funds are being held for up to 7 business days, until the merchant either releases them back to your account or settles the transaction (charges the amount).

    In order to request to cancel the outstanding authorization, you can provide us with a confirmation from the merchant indicating that they will not be settling the transaction. The document from the merchant needs to be printed on merchant’s letterhead and should contain following information:

    • Confirmation that the merchant will not be settling the transaction, and explanation why.
    • Partial card number (for security reasons, please replace the middle 8 digits of the card number with **** ****)
    • Dollar amount
    • Authorization Code
    • Merchant ID
    • Date of Authorization

    Please request the merchant to fax their confirmation letter directly to Payoneer (our fax number is 1-347-438-3365). Should the merchant provide the confirmation letter to you, please fax it to 1-347-438-3365 yourself, or scan the letter and submit it to us through the “Contact Us” form at www.Payoneer.com.

    We will forward the confirmation to our financial department with a request to cancel the outstanding authorization.


    I don't understand why I need to mediate with the merchant, the original transactions were canceled on the merchant's end and now this happens.


    I really need the funds that were taken from my account, and cannot wait 7 days. Please do whatever is necessary to restore my account.


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    In order to release this sooner than 7 days please provide us with the info that customer support asked for from the merchant.

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