RE " Appreciation to join the community forum for resolutions,

Dear Commu, Forum Manager,


I write to define my self as a Master Business & Industries Accounts Executive with and to receive my payout via  payoneer prior to join the community.

I am very happy to discover and to joint  the community as my evidence of support on my inquisitions and any infringement that may occure in the line of have to receive my payment.


1.My question is about the unreasonable delay on the delivery of my master credit card. I may be a little haste to mention unreasonable, but to be frank that, my credit card must have to be sent to me from 31st july 2013 in accordance with record on my account, But  have bitterly and itched not still receive my card up to date. I had written several notifications to enforce the action, but void, However the USA payment services is currently active for all the necessary  transactions.


2. Secondly, I noted from my account about how I could withdraw my funds from payoneer on my local bank account. And this action has remained not applicable upon  my implementation, I had again sent report to customer sopport regarding the condition of my account  for the confirmation on the withdrawal option, and still have not receive reply on the requisition.


3. May I know if this kind of services will continue with payoneer Account users ???

Please  be cautioned that, I did started to work with and since 2011 to date, and must have to receive my payment  earlier before now.  Why too much delay ?


I hereupon will relay the question on payoneer community forum manager to review on the matter for a soonest resolution, to avoid any further sluggardness of payment..


Yoirs Faithful,

Master Business & Industries Account Executive,

Sir Ishmael Kofi Owusu Sarkodie.

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