Will I be subject to US tax law?

I've signed to Payoneer US Payment Services mainly to have a US account to which I can transfer my PayPal funds generated from my site and thereafter wire-transferred to my local bank in Kuwait.


I'm a citizen and resident of Kuwait, and I run the site from Kuwait using a Canadian company server in the Netherland.


The site's members are from all over the world, but mainly from the Middle East, East Asia and Europe.


Therefore, I wonder if having funds transferred from my PayPal account to Pyoneer US account would subject me to any US taxation.


I tried making sense of the IRS regulations that I read to have a clear answer to my question. There is not any straight forward answer to my issue, but random regulations stating in essence that services based income are determined on the place where the services are performed.


So, I wonder if anyone has a similar situation and may have a clear answer as to whether the funds deposited and withdrawn in/from Payoneer US account will be subject to US tax.


I guess this is a very important question, the answer of which will be of great value to all non-US residence/citizen Payoneer members.


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    Payoneer cannot be fluent in all tax related issues in each country. You are responsible for reporting to all applicable government tax authorities, all earnings received and loaded onto your Payoneer account and the payment of any applicable local, state, province, and /or federal, domestic or international taxes that apply to such earnings.

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