Unauthorized Charges

Hi, on monday I logged to my account and realize that someone use it to buy flight tickets on Brazilian Airlines, charges are over $2500 in less than an hour.


I called twice 'chargeback department', and them have treated me very well, I sent every form them asked to, and I ask them to send me a new card using DHL (paying $60 more)... but now, I have to wait 90 days to get an answer to my dispute... ... 90 DAYS!!!


Well, I'm really worried about this situation, I've to pay rent, food, a loan and I've a family to take care of, I really can't wait so much time to get my money back. Is there any option to get the money faster? Can I help in any way on this? 

I understand that chargeback department people has to validate every transaction, check with the business that did that transactions, an I think a lot more of task to get this done, but I need someone @ payoneer that understand that I someone steal from my account more money than I win in a month, and I have to live.



Is there any option to alert me by email or any find of notification when there's a transaction? I usually don't use my card, instead I prefer to withdraw money from ATM. I remember that when I do a withdraw from ATM I got an email... but this time I got nothing.



This is really frustrating for me, can someone help me there?


PS: CASE ID -> LTK1216102487045X



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    I understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Once a charge-back needs to be made, it will take up to 90 days as we have to submit this through to Mastercard.

    We are doing our best solve this ASAP!


    With regards to our email alerts, I suggest to use our mobile app to track all your transactions.

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    I reply here, because I did not get any answer by replying the Customer Support Email... 
    I know you have a lot of work, and I appreciate what you're doing with my case... but I think that there's something really strange here.. let me show you what I found.
    When I saw the transactions, I have almost 3000 dollars at my account, someone use 2400, then I got a credit, of 525.. I blocked my card, and get a new with DHL, when I activated my new account.. surprise! there was 2 new credit.. BUT, when I transfer the money to my account, I didn't get the total amount of money on my new card..
    In Maths
    I have almost $3000
    Got stolen $2400
    1st credit $525
    2nd credit $1179
    3rd credit $605
    MONEY TRANSFER TO NEW CARD -> $1248 (missing money almost $1700).. 
    I'm sending to you a print screen of this so you can check... when I call to customer support, a guy called Diego didn't know what's happening with this credits.
    Is there anyone that can help me with this?

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     I see that  the transfer was made to your new card. If you log into your account and choose the new card that is activated, you will see the missing balance.

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