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1. Can someone from payoneer staff clarify what bank new payoneer chip cards belong to?


Old Belize cards were the property of Choice Bank in Belize, but new as it appears at the chip cards themselves are issued by "Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd" which is not a bank, but e-money institution. We have a new laws in Ukraine regarding e-money limits and it may create problems for us to use new chip cards if they do not belong to a bank.


2. Every transaction (ATM and POS) with new Chip card goes to "Pending auth list" instead of being processed immediately like with old Belize cards. What is the reason for that? Can it be because "Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd"  is not a bank?


Please clarify.





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    p.s. Link  to new laws in Ukraine regarding e-money. (Attention text in russian).

    Because the note on Wirecard Solutions website state that they are e-money institution, -  this law may affect payoneer cards.

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    I see that not only new chip cards, but also new magnetic stripe (swipe) cards are issued by Wirecard

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    Can I get the answer from payoneer representative to my first question?
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    Payoneer issues EMV cards using several issuing banks, you can check the name of the bank on the back of your card.

    We have many account holders from Ukraine and our solutions are in accordance with local laws and regulations. Should this change, we will be sure to notify all account holders, however this is not expected to change.
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