How To get Started receiving payments with Payoneer

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In past I heard about Payoneer card, I got interested to use, so I went to, did my registration and received my card after a couple of days in Pakistan.


I have 2 questions.


(1)- If I want to receive money from some person on some other side of the globe, they ask me to provide payoneer account details. What account details should I provide them? Also let me know if it makes any difference that which part of world they are paying from or which payment service are they using.


(2)- I have heard that Payoneer supports transfer to local bank accounts in Pakistan. But when I login to my payoneer account, I can only see options related to debit card usage. I have never seen an option enabling me to withdraw funds from Payoneer to local bank account. What am I supposed to do if I want to withdraw to local banks?


I shall appreciate clear instructions.


Thank you




  • Sheikh Sabi
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    Hi Abdul, 

    About Question 1: You only need to provide your payoneer email id. That would be enough to send/receive money on Payoneer.

    About Question 2: Local Bank Transfer is not available for everyone yet. It's in beta and only few users have access. I've been using Payoneer card for about 4 years now. Even I still don't have that option available.


    To withdraw money from ATM in Pakistan, I recommend you SCB, MCB and Samba Bank.

    Feel free to ask anything.



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