ATM On Brasil

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do you know if its' possible to use the payoneer mastercard with dollars on it on brasil ?


note: I think brasil don't have dollars, so we should get Brasilian Reales


  • JustineJustine Guest Posts: 168 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Yes you can :)


    It will just convert it into your currency if you wish.

  • orwellorwell Member Posts: 2

    Do you know at which change?


    Which change it takes to know how many reales are 1 dollar?

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    When using your card at the ATM, please note the various fees that may occur:


    1. Payoneer's flat rate withdrawal fee (listed in your pricing and fees)

    2. A surcharge fee imposed by the owner of the ATM you are using.

    3. An exchange rate fee when making a foreign currency transaction (please see your terms and conditions) 

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