Total amount for DHL shipping.

MibarreroMibarrero Member Posts: 3

Hi Everyone, 


Will Payoneer discount the annual fee before I have activated the card? I ask this because I need to withdraw some money from paypal to payoneer to ask they send me the card by DHL, so I need to know the total amount I need to put on my payoneer before I can ask for the shipping.  


Thank you.


  • JustineJustine Guest Posts: 168 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there,


    we will only charge a fee after there are sufficient funds in your account. Funds can be loaded either before or after activation.

  • MibarreroMibarrero Member Posts: 3

    Thank you Justine, your answer allow me to calculate that I will need at least 90 USD in my payoneer to ask for a DHL shipping with my new account. $30USD anual fee + $60 USD shipping. 

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