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Dear Sir/Madam;


I signed up for the Us payment service and i received my card today. I was enabled the US payment service and now i had my routing number, bank account number and checking account type.


Now i signed in to my itunes account and try to add my payoneer us payment service.


First of all your blog is very old and has missed informations. (


When i am filiing the form for itunes account, i entered my routing number and then it shows me a list of the bank adresses but i dont know which adress do i need to chhose, because there is not any information about this.


Can you please help me which adress do i need to choose from the list. Please do not tell me select one of these , it is not important because there is already someone that cant get paid due to the wrong selection.(


Help because that payments are the only reason that i signed up for your service 





P.S: I already attached the list of banks from the itunes developer account list, with  my routing number


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    it does not matter which branch you choose as long as it is Bank of America, all payments should be processed with no problem.
    If you have any other issues please contact customer support
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