Need a Low Fees ATM in Venice, Italy

lokvenlokven Member Posts: 2

Hey guys. I’m trying to find an ATM with low fees in Venice. Few days ago I withdrew 250 Euros and I got charged a whooping 353 Dollars. The EUR/USD was quoted at around 1.36 and BNP charged me at an exchange rate of 1.41. But it says NO FEES on my statement!!! Needless to say I find these 4% forex fees for Euro and Dollar exchange unacceptable.


Where can I get a more reasonable exchange rate? I assume it would be impossible to cashout dollars in Italy? Also do you know what are the limits for ATM Withdrawals in Venice? I want to cashout around 1,000 Euros, preferable at once so that I minimize the fees.


Help, this is a bit of an emergency!


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