Need a Low Fees ATM in Venice, Italy

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Hey guys. I’m trying to find an ATM with low fees in Venice. Few days ago I withdrew 250 Euros and I got charged a whooping 353 Dollars. The EUR/USD was quoted at around 1.36 and BNP charged me at an exchange rate of 1.41. But it says NO FEES on my statement!!! Needless to say I find these 4% forex fees for Euro and Dollar exchange unacceptable.


Where can I get a more reasonable exchange rate? I assume it would be impossible to cashout dollars in Italy? Also do you know what are the limits for ATM Withdrawals in Venice? I want to cashout around 1,000 Euros, preferable at once so that I minimize the fees.


Help, this is a bit of an emergency!


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    If you would like to check your fees and transaction you can in your account. In terms of An ATM's fees that you will have to check with the merchant you are using. Each one has their own commission structures. 

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