Increase card limit

maciCBCmaciCBC Member Posts: 3

Hi to all!


As I am new on this forum, I was looking into the topics here but with no luck finding something similar to my question/topic. Sorry if this repeating one.


I am Payoneer user for couple of mounts now and recently a payment for costumer that I am working for on a daily basis has been rejected due to card limitation. Obviously Payoneer have card limit of $3000 by mount


Now my question is: can I increase my card limit?


I am willing to work with you on this, meaning providing documents and statements from costumers, if thats what you need, even paying for increasing my limit, just to resolve this matter and not going through same procedure as I have been with you, getting new card/account.


Looking forward to your answer and hopefully solution to my problem.




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