Problems with Payoneer and Paypal (sorry if it has been asked before)

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I am new to payoneer, and I got it because I read that you can link payoneer and paypal to withdraw funds....

So I applied for payoneer card and the application was validated. I also answered the payoneer question form so it is submited and my "US PAYMENT SERVICE" is active. 

So now I tried to add a new bank account to my paypal account (I have a validated account, with VISA card and no restrictions - I uploaded all necesery files and have no limits but the 500$ withdrawal per day).

When I try to add the US BANK ACCOUNT, I get the notification: "We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date." 

I keep on getting this for 2 days now and I think something is wrong :) Can someone please help me? It is obvious that paypal is not restricted in my country because I can access it with visa and have been using it for a year now. I just want to have a credit card so I can pay with my paypal account (paypals mastercard is not availible in my country)

Is it possible that this is not working because I still havent received my payoneer card? But the US PAYMENT SERVICE is active so I do not think there could be problem here....

I was trying to access paypals help service through e-mail but I get no respond - very unprofesional of them! 

I know some of you had these problems because I was reading it all over internet forums but I still did not get the answer why this method is not working...and to be honest It is quite frustrating because this is the only thing I got my payoneer account...:

Please I am asking you for some help! 




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    Hi Maks,


    Unfortunately it seems that PayPal is not allowing you to add the US Payment Service to your account.
    I would suggest contacting them and requesting assistance with adding a new bank account.
    If they do not allow you to add this service, you will be unable to withdraw funds from PayPal to Payoneer. Please note that Payoneer is not associated with PayPal, and any withdrawal requests would be subject to PayPal rules and regulations.
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    And what is the point of your big promotion than? To get money off paypal anywhere in the world? if than it doesnt work in many countries? 

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    edited July 2014
    The US payment service is for many US companies, not just Paypal, and it is a payment solution used by many.
    In addition, we unfortunately aren't affiliated with Paypal in any way, and so cannot affect any of their terms/ decisions/rules/work flows.
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