Will I be able to SEE the Paypal Micro Deposits in Payoneer USPS even though I have not yet submitte

So basically:  Can the US Payment service accept deposits BEFORE the Questionnaire section has been submitted?  And will I be able to see the Micro Deposit amounts sent from Paypal?


I understand that I will not be able to “withdraw” funds from Payoneer until I have submitted the Questionnaire section, but will the small micro deposits that Paypal sends to verify the Paypal account be deposited into the Payoneer account even though I have not completed the Questionnaire?   


Also will I be able to see the micro deposit amounts sent from Paypal?


I have submitted the ID for the US Payment Service, but have not yet submitted the Questionnaire part, which I noticed after I had entered my the Payoneer USPS bank account into Paypal (which now says “ Deposits Sent”).  SO I am concerned that Payoneer may not accept the micro deposits to the USPS (which could cause problems on the Paypal account).


My Paypal account was already “Verified” before I added the bank account to Paypal (and some posts here suggest that the 2 micro deposits from Paypal never come when you add you USPS bank account details into a Verified Paypal account (as perhaps when Paypal account is already verified it is not needed)



So does Paypal even send the Micro deposits to USPS when the Paypal account was already “Verified”?


Also saw this on the Payoneer forum:

“Please note: While you may continue to receive payments using your US Payment Service, the funds will not be available on your card until you verify the service.”


and an older post here:



I have a zero balance on my Payoneer account, which I gather shouldn’t matter as Paypal is sending micro DEPOSITS (so they are putting money IN)


I could not find an answer in the FAQ’s


If a Payoneer / Site Admin could also respond, it would be greatly appreciated.




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