i still not dfeposit money in my debit card . what payoneer will do with my debit card ?

amjadamjad Member Posts: 3

hello my friends,


i come again to asked u a simple question.


i have no income now so my payoneer debit card i nulll. so my question is that . is that true.if i not deposit money in my account then my account will block .


if this is true then give my help how can i deactivate account


  • khairokhairo Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Payoneer is made as a payment solution for freelancers to receive their money, you should apply to payoneer if you earned money online and you need to access it, buh if you never load it may mean you have no work online, they may deactivate it, anyway they will deactivate it if you don't use it for around 6 months by paying or loading
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