How Transfer Merchants From Lbt To Payoneer Card?

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Hi guys,
Last year I applied for a payoneer prepaid card and it took too long to get to me (I live in Africa). While waiting for the card, I applied for a LBT account which was approved. I connected some of my merchants to my LBT account. The card finally arrived :) a while back. I wanted to know how to go about moving the merchants from the LBT payment method to paying through my payoneer card.



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    To switch your payee accounts from LBT to the Payoneer card, simply contact our customer support department at:

    Be sure to include the e-mail address for both your LBT account and Payoneer card account, and note that you'd like to switch all payees to the Payoneer card.
    Director of Community at Payoneer
  • BigShipBigShip Posts: 3Member
    Thank you Nissim. Will do.
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