Im dying to connect my payoneer card with apple store !

Hi  ,


you will not believe how long trying to connect my payoneer card with my apple store account because i want to buy apps from apple store ..




well ,

i have a payoneer card sent to my country... i live in gaza strip in  (israeil)


i charged my card online and could withdraw from the close ATMs in my country in gaza.


now im trying to use this card to buy apple apps from the apple store but i have no luck.


note :

when i applied for the card , i put the country (Israeil) and now i live in gaza


now , on my apple ID country i have it Israel not USA.


i put the billing address and put the info required but i have a problem that is  apple give me a msg says :


""the payment card you entered is not valid in israel. please provide a valid payment card in israel""



wt does that mean ??


i will also include a printscreen of wt i have on itunes when i put the information.



wish to help me this time!



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