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Brothers and Sisters i have read here in forum that paypal is not supporting us payment service of payoneer any more or new bank accounts can't be added through payoneer usps i have an old bank account of first century bank attached to almost one and half year and i transfer money from paypal to payoneer through it  most of the times my current paypal balance is 260$ and am gonna receive 135$ more in paypal in two or three days today i transferred 43$ from paypal to payoneer through usps i want to know you guys get any problem transferring money from paypal to payoneer through usps both new and old accounts as i am in a fix regarding this matter :(

waiting anxiously for your response,




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    Please don't ask such type of questions regarding "PayPal & Payoneer in Pakistan" because PayPal is not allowed in Pakistan & Payoneer being a USA company follows strict rules & policies. So, if you are in Pakistan please don't use payoneer with PayPal.
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    @Rizwan143 I haver a question. I am a freelaner and today I applied for payoneer withdrawal from my website (US based compay supporting payoneer), I asked them how I can add payoneer as withdrawl medium and they questioned to me that " Are you in the Payoneer pilot group?" I dont know what it means.

    Can you spread some light on Payoneer pilot group. Being in Pakistan we are global customers or we lie in some other category.

    Thank you in advance.

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    issue is successfully resolved I THINK ITS HAPPENING TO NEW ACOUNTS ONLY sorry i forget to update this topic already cashed out 20000 pakistani rupees from mcb bank payoneer is the only solution for me to get e currency in real money and in your hands in a week LOVE YOU PAYONEER  :thumbsu:  :goodjob:  :good:

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