Transfers Funds From Paypal And Payza To Payoneer

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paypal and payza to payoneer
i have big prob i m selling some goods websites and others things but i have no paypal and mostly people use paypal but when i ask to them plz send money on my payoneer card and they hard to get people to make payments to me through payoneer because they dont have payoneer accounts so my suggestion is that plz add option in paypal or add paypal and payza to transfer money i mean transfer money from paypal and payza to direct payoneer card i hope you got my point what i mean to day thanks
Expectations always hurt :(


  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,749 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Thank you for the suggestion, Fadhi. We'll certainly pass it along.
  • tripplestripples Member Posts: 1
    Hi fiends just purchased this from youtube and is working well just want to share.check it out and they reply promptly:
  • msammsam Member Posts: 2
    i myself have a same problem,i receive some bucks in my paypal and payza account but can't withdraw if payoneer will support us to get payments from paypal and payza to Payoneer that would be great.Thanks payoneer
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