I have 2 Questions - Please

Ali-SAli-S Member Posts: 4

Hi Everyone,

How you doing? Hopefully everyone is doing great here!


(Thanks so much Payoneer Team, for a New Feature for Withdrawals I just noticed, I am really excited about it!)


I have 2 Questions here.


First I would like to ask from Payoneer Team that, I can see an option to withdraw by bank, and "to add a bank account" option, which I just noticed, I have been withdrawing by ATM normally. So, is it ok to add my bank account by using this option, and can I then withdraw funds to my bank account via Local Bank Transfer? So can I use both options now?


Second Question is from other Pakistani users that, which bank accounts are they using, if they can tell me the bank names, which do not take longer than 3 days to receive funds?


Thanks in advance :)

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