Withdrawal to Bank Account from US Payment Service/Mastercard

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Hi, I have the US payment service and the Mastercard. I'm still not eligible for Withdrawal to Bank account service but this is becoming a headache for me and may start asking Amazon.com to send me checks rather than deposit into my Payoneer account, as I already have thousands on the card and will get paid thousands each month this year and I really can't have sitting that kind of money on a card. Withdrawing through ATMs is not an option for me as the fees are super high. So is there still nothing you can do to add the 'Withdraw to Bank Acc' option on my Payoneer account? Thanks 


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    What I noticed is the New Chip and Pin cards somehow don't have the Withdraw to Bank Account option, the normal card does, I live in Jamaica so I can use the Chip and Pin cards to withdraw US$ from ATM's, so if possible ask them to send a normal card or wait until that option is fixed or enabled.



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    Hi Guys,

    This new service is available based on your account's country. It would be available both for standard cards and our new EMV card.

    For a list of supported countries and currencies, visit: http://www.payoneer.com/WithdrawToBank.aspx
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    Hi Nissim,

    Turkey is in that list on payoneer.com/WithdrawToBank.aspx and I emailed customer service a couple of times this year, they tell me it is still not available here and they will let me know when it is. Not sure why Turkey is in that list and no 'Withdraw to Bank' option on the menu?
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    If Turkey is on the list and you do not see the Withdraw option, it may be an issue related to your specific account. I would suggest contacting support again and asking them why your account does not have the option available. They will be able to check that and assist you.
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    Withdraw button appeared on my account 3 weeks ago and I put in my details for my bank account (which I was using before for global money transfer via Payoneer) This is the reply I received last week from your Customer Service.. and the funny thing is perhaps three times I was told that the service was not available in the country I reside in when in fact Turkey was on the list. Now they are talking about specific programs? I am an Amazon affiliate for heaven's sake and I know many other Amazon affiliates that use this withdraw to bank account service, they are not explaining what program I am registered with?? I can't put thousands of dollars on a card as withdrawing through ATMs is not an option as I can only withdraw less than 500 dollars each time and get charged all those fees!! This is ridiculous. Nissim, please there is nothing you can do? Turkey is on the list and I am an Amazon affiliate and there is a withdraw button on my account.

    Reference Number with your customer service: 141008-000027

    Thank you for your withdrawal option request.

    Please note that the withdrawal service is a premium service, and is currently available for specific programs only. Unfortunately, this service is not available at the moment for the program with which your are registered.

    Should this option become available for your program in the future, we will let you know.
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    I have asked a customer support supervisor to check your inquiry and get back to you with assistance. 
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