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I tried to put my song on digital stores with cdbaby which were unsuccessful but, my Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard® was charged $18.13 under Pending Authorizations on 08/28/2014 13:03 with the Terminal Description AVL*CDBABY.COM 800-289-6923 ORUSA with my song still not on digital stores, I want to know why i was charged as my attempts were unsuccessful and to refund my money back to my card, thank you.


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    A pre-authorization charge means that the merchant requested to charge your card, but did not complete the transaction. These generally expire within 7 business days.

    For information on why the charge did not go through, you will need to contact our customer support department directly:
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    ok, why would it be pending, I have more than enough money in the acct, so just not sure what's happened? does it take sometime to go through? there is one that is pending, that I will need to call them and tell them to take it off as they shouldn't be charging me, already paid cash. but the other stuff is to do with a flight I booked. if this messes things up I'll be so upset. my balance I think is actually showing the balance with those items deducted. I sure hope so! however you say above that it did not complete, yet I've gotten a confirmation & online flight Itinerary. confused by your answer
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    Online merchants use various different card processors and procedures to complete transactions. In some cases charges are completed at the time of transaction, while in other cases they are kept pending and then completed in bulk, either at the end of the day or at specific days of the week.

    Payoneer would not be able to know why the charge has not been completed yet, as we do not have access to the merchant's system. I would suggest contacting them and asking them to confirm that there are no issues on their end with the transaction.
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