Can't Withdraw Money Fom Liteforex To Payoneer


I am facing a big problem now.I trade in liteforex and i received liteforex payoneer card.I withdraw money from liteforex to payoneer card even 2 weeks before i withdraw 350$but recently since last week i could not withdraw money from liteforex to payoneer.Well,usually i deposit money in liteforex by Moneybookers but when i seen your card facility then i applied your card and using for withdraw money.But they said me i can withdraw money by Moneybookers because i deposit money by it.I cant withdraw money becoz i did not deposit money by payoneer!!!!! but i know payoneer card usually use for withdraw and it is debit card and payoneer card usually load by other payoneer card/credit card/liteforex and my question if i have credit card then why i need payoneer card and i know for odesk,elance,veer all of these for using cash out,not cash deposit so why this problem arise in liteforex suddenly even few days before i could but now not.why it stopped and i think for this reason there no use of liteforex card and now it is useless totally!!!!!!Please give me a solution and solve this problem.My id at liteforex is 136719 and my card last 3 digit is 519.



  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,749 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This sounds like a requirement made by the partner (Liteforex) and not Payoneer. Your card is active and able to receive payments, you will need to contact the partner for any issues regarding your balance with them (and their payment schedule/regulations).
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