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Card cloned - chargeback denied anyone?

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  • mypower
    mypower Member Posts: 2
    Same thing happened to me as others I now Believe this is an Inside Job. :D
  • medy36
    medy36 Member Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    i am actually in Bali (Indonesia) for vacation only, my card was cloned and used in Jakarta. They have withdraw all the money i have earned hardly, the amount of 4297,98 $

    i have open a dispute they asked me to send the list of the transactions ID and still has no feedback.
    After reading the comment below i feel so bad that Payoneer doesn't cover the fraud transactions.

    All the transactions are in pre-auth stage, the cloned card was used in an ATM. I have claimed that if they actually refuse these transactions will be solved and the local bank can actually use the ATM cameras to get the bastard who withdraw it.

    the response of the assistant is:

    "Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. Please be advised that in order to prevent further unauthorized transaction to your card we have blocked your card.

    Any transaction that are on your card that are currently, in pre authorization status unfortunately, can not be disputed until 08/01/2017 we need to wait to make sure they do not get charged.

    Please make a list of all the transaction and the authorization number of all the transaction that you did not make so that we can assist you further in disputing these transactions.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you."

    based on this line "... we need to wait to make sure they do not get charged." the money was taken from an ATM so there is no way the money wont be charged, i suppose!

    Any help please ?