Where is my payment?

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I've been made a payment of aprox 3400 euro into my Payoneer Euro MasterCard and it's been 15 days without news about the payment. Can you tell me where is it? I need to live with that money, you see what I mean? I've been told it can take up to 7 days so I waited and now you decide not to give me my money without even give me an explanation. You have to understand how frustrating it is. Please show some respect to me and tell me what's been wrong with the payment. The company I work for and the one who sent it doesn't have that money since 03/09.
- Name of the company that sent the payment: UseClark
- Date that the payment was sent: 03/09/2014
- Payment amount (EUR): around 3400
- IBAN of my EUR Payment Service: DE55512308006500001834


  • Justine
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    I have expedited your case towards the correct department and you will be contact soon.
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    Thanks for responding Justine, as you always do. I've also sent this through the "contact us" section but given that I had not response yet I decided to create this post here. I hope the department will contact me soon to resolve this. It's the first time it takes this long without news about the payment.
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    I would have expected to be contacted already. I need an explanation. I chose this service because it's my best alternative to get my payments from my job, but it's taking very long this time and I need to know what is wrong or what kind of information do you need from me. I'm willing to share with you all of the information that proves the source of the money of this payment, but so far all I've got is that there is a department looking at it. I have no estimated dates, no indication about why the money is being on hold in Payoneer, no explanation at all. I think it all comes down to:
    1- you give me my money because you saw it's the company I work for the ones who made this payment
    2- you give the money back because you don't think I have enough reasons to prove I work there
    You shouldn't put that money on hold without telling me what's going on. I'm a very comprehensive man and as I said, and I repeat, I want to work this out here, but you need to move faster if you think there's something wrong. I'm sorry if this wasn't supposed to go here, I just don't know where else to claim for my money.
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    I'm in the same situation but fewer days, and gosh if it takes 15 days it will totally be worthless as I won't be able to spend the money in the USA anymore. Did you get any emails from them? These delays are just terrible, I don't know what's going on or why this started to happen all of a sudden (did many transfers in the past and they only took 2 days)

    By the way, they told me by chat that it would take the department 24-48 hs to review it...
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    After reading comments here and talking with others, I think i dodged a bullet from signing up. If they hadn't been so slow to process and arrogant on the phone when you ask what is going on, I might be in the same boat of looking for my money as well. I am sorry for your situation but it is apparent that these people just don't care and for that , Mastercard should be notified because it is their name that is being brought down as well.
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    Well then I guess they should be contacting me next monday at most. I don't even know where I get these hopes from. I once had a payment that took about 7 days to appear in my account, but the last 5 days it appeared as "waiting for approval". It concerns me that this one was made on 03/09 and not a sign on where my money is, no "waiting for approval" thing, no nothing. The money was taken out of my company's bank account the very same day they did the payment. I received an email where they told me the same as Justine: "the correct department will review this case". It's a shame that I waited more way more than the 7 business days to come and complain here, because I get the sensation that Payoneer wouldn't ever notify me about it. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool service you offer, but customer support needs to get better, or at least let the users have some sort of tracking of the status of the payments.
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    @mciparelli - As Justine mentioned, our payment department is reviewing your payment and will get back to you as soon as possible.

    I do apologize for the delay, and assure you that we're working hard to have your funds available. 

    I've also passed your feedback on to a supervisor at our payment department, to make sure that we also improve for the future.

    Thank you again for taking the time to provide this feedback.

    Note: While we are more than happy to assist, we unfortunately cannot provide account specific support on this forum. These issues need to be handled directly with our support department, as they have access to your account. I am going to close this topic as there is no additional assistance that we can provide, however if you need to contact us we offer free support via telephone, live chat, and e-mail at: http://www.payoneer.com/ContactUs.aspx
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    Hey Nissim! How are you doing man? I just saw you decided to close my previous thread as if it was all good and things were on rails and about to get resolved. Well, guess what? It's been almost a month and I have ZERO news on where MY money is. You understand that, right? That the money is mine and not Payoneer's? I need you to understand that. Having my salary on hold for a whole month and counting is not something I'd expect when I first asked for this card. Not even mention that you or your partners haven't given me any information other than "payment department is reviewing your paym... blah blah blah".
    DO YOU NEED INFORMATION FROM ME OR FROM WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM? I already sent it, but please contact me and I'll give it to you a thousand times if you need it so. PLEASE RELEASE MY MONEY or put it back where it came from, but DO SOMETHING about it, let me know what is wrong if there's anything wrong, but I need what is mine. I didn't work my *** off so you can finance the rest of your users, I hope it's clear if I put it this way, no intention of being mean.
  • mciparelli
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    The details of the payment are in my previous post, and the payment reference number is PA0140903023549
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    I've re-opened this discussion, however please note that it was closed as we cannot provide you with official support here on the forum.

    This issue was expedited to a supervisor at our payment department, who checked our system and was unable to find any pending payments. We are not in the process of contacting the bank and investigating the issue further, to see why the funds never arrived to Payoneer.

    Our payment department will be updating you directly via e-mail. You can feel free to continue sharing feedback and asking questions on this forum, however please do not continue using this discussion as a channel for support related to this issue. I assure you that we are taking this seriously and doing everything we can to locate your payment and make your funds available as soon as possible.
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    It's ok, but mind that your answers (or Justine's) have been more helpful to me than anything I've had as a response via chat or email. So, after all, official or not, I get more information when I post here than anywhere else.
    The payment was done on September the 3rd, so if Payoneer didn't receive it and you can confirm that, I will contact the sender's bank to see what was wrong, because it clearly cannot take that long to arrive. It would have been nice though that the payment department contacted me to say they didn't receive the payment a little bit sooner, it's been almost a month. But still, thanks to you for listening to my inquiries and acting accordingly in respectable time. Payment department didn't contact me before and I don't have much expectations about them doing it in the future although you said twice they were going to do so. As far as I get information from you or Justine that's fine by me. But please do understand that I have to create discussions here every now and then to get that information, Payoneer's support through email/chat hasn't been that good for me.