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I'M from Kosova

I would like to ask you some question !!

First i would like to ask

1. Partners (sites/businesses we work with)
2. US Payment Service (a service which allows you to receive payments from many approved US companies such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay and more)

Has every payoneer card these ways or you should choose onw

The 2 question

Im going to work with Affiliate

Does amazon and Cj accept payoneer card

The 3 question

Can i verify skrill with payoneer card
The fourth

Does payoneer card works in every country of world

The 5th

Can you make online purschase or you just can accept moneys


Have a nice day

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  • ArtiBArtiB Member Posts: 6
    Any reply !!
  • HamedaHameda Member Posts: 1
    Hey Nissim,

    Wish you a good day. I want to accept payment from my customers. Can I use payoneer as a payment gateway? They will be paying me via their visa or mastercard issued by their bank. Can I use option for that?

    Many thanks,

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