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Bigger withdraw fee than expected?

Dexter_prog Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
I extracted money in the USA with my card, my fee is supposed to be 2.75 for each extraction, but instead I was charged $3.15. Plus I am being charged a total of 11.18 over the total I extracted, why is this?

Transaction Number


  • Justine
    Justine Guest Posts: 168

    Unfortunately I am not able to view your transaction information. Please contact our support and they will be able to look into the fees that apply to this transaction here:
  • Dexter_prog
    Dexter_prog Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Well I contacted them but go some sort of a generic reply talking about oversees fees. The thing is, both my USPS and my card was issued in the USA (wasn't it?) and I'm making extractions in New York, USA. So I'm not getting this fees.
  • Nissim
    Nissim Administrator Posts: 3,602 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    We've partnered with several different banks to issue the Payoneer card, and it's possible that your card's issuing bank is outside the US.

    As Justine mentioned, we do not have access to your details account information and are not able to assist with this issue here on the forum. You would need to contact our customer support department directly.
  • Dexter_prog
    Dexter_prog Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    Well, customer support wasn't of much help. Sometimes it feels like speaking with robots. All they told me it was the "USPS fees" and didn't tell me what they correspond to. It's like they meant not to tell me.