What to fill in for the US Payment Service website link

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Dear Admin,

Please help me in filling up the URL part of questionnaire. I don't own a website nor i m a freelancer, but would create a paypal account by which i would tranfer my credit in may payoneer's account. So kindly tell me what should I write in URL part of questionnaire, as it is not accepting www.paypal.com

Kindly reply soon.



  • RameezRameez Member Posts: 5
    Dear Admin kindly reply me. I am waiting to verify my account.
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    The US Payment Service is a solution for you to receive business related payments. This would be funds for any work done, or sale of goods/services.

    The website can be a site that you own, or a link to your profile on an online marketplace, which confirms your online business.

    We are not able to support receiving payments related to personal funds transfer at this time.
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