How I receive money for my new payoneer account? (Urgent please)

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I have got my payoneer account acctivated. I have got my MasterCard as well before 7 days. I want to buy something by using my MasterCard. But How I receive money? :'(
I am not working in oDesk now, so I am unable to load my account with dollar. I am also unable to take money with any US Based company. I will load money for the first time now.
So, How I load monay from Bangladesh. My account is not verified by Paypal. I have no skrill account also.
So, I need argent dollar in my account. >:)
Please help me, How I am able to load my account with dollar?
Will I able to take money with other payoneer holder from Bangladesh?
If not what will I do?? :o
Please answer me urgent.

Imran Topu Sardar