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A question regarding multiple services (and how it's done)

wiperr Member Posts: 1
Hi everybody.

First off, I must admit I'm very pleased with Payoneer's service in general, and thank you for coming up with such a solution for us freelancers.

Now, this is my issue - I'm a designer working on Elance (my Payoneer card was ordered through that account) and am currently going through a certain shift in my carrier and need to make some decisions.

However, I can't make those decisions wildly, and that's why I'm here.

So, the questions:
1. If one terminates the original account through which the Payoneer card came, what happens to the card? Can it be used further, or is it obsolete?
2. Can the same card be used with other services (like 99Designs or, or that presents issues? (e.g. if I won a contest at 99D, can I request payout to the same card I use with Elance?)

I have some questions over these, but these are the most important.

Thank you,

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