18 Days still not aproved

Jas1978Jas1978 Member Posts: 3
Hello, i signed up for Payoneer card because my wife recommended me this method for my business, since she got the card for her company and she loved it!.
I did apply for the card 18 days ago and still in "Approval process", how long will take until my card is approved?!.

Thanks, best regards.


  • kz9676kz9676 Member Posts: 2
    18 days of waiting... Sorry to hear that. My account has been pending approval for 10 days, now. I guess that's what's coming to me next :)
  • bonny12345bonny12345 Member Posts: 2
    I have waited 3 weeks 3days and my card has not been approved. I am not sure what I should do next. Can I conclude that I have not been approved? Anyone with and answer please?
  • tracytracy Member Posts: 7
    my card has been approve and the delivery status is between nov 17 yet my us payment service is inactive i have called their support 2 times and the call is expensive from my country i think this is hopeless :disappointed: payoneer should be more focus on their customer there should be no problem if we live in us
  • kz9676kz9676 Member Posts: 2
    Guys, try the live chat support. I got mine approved, last night.
  • Jas1978Jas1978 Member Posts: 3
    I'll try tomorrow!!!!
  • amrkamrk Member Posts: 1
    Thanks Kz9676 that worked for me :smiley:
  • Jas1978Jas1978 Member Posts: 3
    After 3 weeks of requesting the card they send me an email asking me ID Copy, I did send it and nothing happened!. I contacted the Live chat, and nothing!!! incredible!!!
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