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Cross border fees? On online payments?

JamesPatel Member Posts: 1
This is the first time I've noticed this. I used my Payoneer card to pay someone "online" 100$. They charged a fee of 1.9$. So total = 101.9$. But my Payoneer account was charger 103.77$. I was like .. what?

To be clear, I paid to US Dollars and my Payoneer card is also US dollars, there was no currency conversions.

I contacted where I paid and they replied they didn't charged a dime extra. Then I contacted Payoneer support and I was informed .. its the "cross border fee". The Payoneer card is issued from a bank situated in a country called "Belize" and whenever you pay outside of "Belize" you must pay a "cross border fee".

Ever heard an international company related to web hosting, domain registration, online payment or anything from "Belize" ? I didn't.

So pretty much everything I am going to pay online using Payoneer debit master card .. I pay this extra cross border fees. And I am not talking about ATM withdrawal .. its just a simple online/pos transaction.

I registered for an International Mastercard, when I register, I checked the fees page and I was told that using Payoneer mastercard online is absolutely free, and I don't remember noticing anything about a cross border fee for every payment I make.

I have another Mastercard from another well known e-currency site .. never faced this "cross border fees" issue.

Now my question to Payoneer is:

01. Am I correct so far about this cross border fees? Any online payment outside "Belize" will charge this?
02. Is this something new or this is how it used to be always?

Our expectations from Payoneer is so so high, perhaps thats why we get disappointed sometimes.


  • Nissim
    Nissim Administrator Posts: 3,602 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi James,

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to join our forum and post your feedback.

    While the Payoneer card is held in USD, there may be foreign transactions that are subject to a cross border charge. This exists with all MasterCard cards and is not specific to Payoneer.

    A reason for this is that the merchant may be using an international processor, and so while the transaction is in USD, there are some behind the scenes actions that involved various conversion and international transfers.

    Also note that we have partnered with various banks around the world to issue the Payoneer card, and are working to add additional currency cards (in EUR for EU countries, GBP, and more). 
  • rakibrg1971
    rakibrg1971 Member Posts: 3
    I need to know how to add additional currency Austrian Dollar in my payonner account
  • rakibrg1971
    rakibrg1971 Member Posts: 3
    I need to know how to add additional currency Austrian Dollar in my payonner account