About Verifying Paypal with Payoneer Debit Card

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I've already added my payoneer card & verified bank account on paypal. Now in order to verify my payoneer card there, I have to send a 4 digit code which I'm supposed to receive in the transaction description. The problem is I can not figure out the 4 digit code from my description.

Here is the snapshot of the transaction detail:

Can anyone point me out the 4 digit code here?


  • MindgamerMindgamer Member Posts: 4
    I solved the problem. This question can be deleted.
  • DLS_Tekno999DLS_Tekno999 Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
    it can be ? how ?
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    @DLS_Tekno999 you will get the code in transaction page. No need to click in details.
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    I cannot access my Payoneer account, because my account is locked. Verification of PayPal is very far from me.
  • sslsunvisslsunvi Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    How could I setup an business in USA or any of European countryside.
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