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I have a big doubt is regarding the new cards with EMV technology (CHIP & SIGNATURE)

To withdraw money from an ATM, you need to enter 4 digit passcode, also called pin, as we were accustomed to the magnetic stripe card.

My question is now, EMV (CHIP & SIGNATURE) no longer good card to withdraw at ATM ?. I want to know, if you still have the 4 digit code to withdraw money from ATM ?, my doubt comes from the card is (CHIP & SIGNATURE), and is not (CHIP & PIN) ATM always ask for the code 4 digit (password, such as magnetic stripe card)

The EMV CARD (Chip&Signature) still has a magnetic stripe and chip with PIN (password, 4 digit code) combo for the ATM ?, that is what I mostly care about?

I Send my question, more than 1 month, the support and they have not answered me.


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    The new Payoneer EMV card still has a 4-digit PIN, which you select during the online activation process.

    You will be able to use the card to make ATM cash withdrawals just as you've done in the past.
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    Thx nissim for u answer.
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