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Unable to withdraw money:Invalid PIN code ATM responds

I have loaded my payoneer account but unable to withdraw money from ATM,I have setup a PIN upon entering PIN at ATM,it says invalid pin.I tried to change my PIN but got a message"Could not change PIN".I verified my existing PIN by entering same PIN at New and Old PIN field but it respond "Your new pin could not be ur existing pin"(verified).Please tell why I could not change and withdraw money...Whats Wrong.
Waqas :(


  • GoranD
    GoranD Member Posts: 9
    If you ''changed'' PIN via site you have to wait 24 hours.
  • waqasanjum86
    waqasanjum86 Member Posts: 2
    @Goran The worry is I am unable to change the pin at all from my account.It says "Could not change PIN"