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Transaction reports as spreadsheets (why PDF???)

Tax time here; trying to get expense and income summaries, but for reasons passing all understanding, Payoneer only makes transaction statements available in PDF format.

A job that would take 5 minutes in Excel or Numbers is going to take me most of the day—there's no way to sort the information in the PDF, as it's hard-wired. It's the wrong tool for the job—I have to copy and paste each line manually into a spreadsheet, so that I can sort afterwards.

Surely this is driving other Payoneer customers nuts too? Or is there a workaround that makes spreadsheet financial data possible?


  • Nissim
    Nissim Administrator Posts: 3,602 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    We are working on providing various improvements to your account reporting tools. In the meantime, you can contact our support department and request to have an account statement sent to you in a more friendly format.

    In addition, there are also several PDF to document converters you can try online that may assist you.