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Payoneer immediate load is not working

it has taken over 7 hours to process my immediate load. This is bullsh**. I called customer service twice and like always they were not helpful. My money is now in limbo and I will go hungry until they figure out the transfer error.
Thank you Payoneer for caring , for your loyal customers. Like always it is a treat to work with your dreadful company.


  • RemusCostin
    RemusCostin Member Posts: 5
    I also have the same issue, too bad we have to pay so much and wait so much time to get the money.
  • Ryanne
    Ryanne Member Posts: 1
    My immediate load is now at almost 12hrs :( It's frustrating, but I have never had this problem before so I am trying to be patient and understanding. Ugh.
  • RemusCostin
    RemusCostin Member Posts: 5
    Sorry to hear that, I only reached 2 hours. I called them and they told me they will solve the issue in the morning.
  • blugosisdead
    blugosisdead Member Posts: 2
    I was told 3 hours ago, that my funds would be loaded. I am traveling at the moment and fear I will have to sleep in my car. It was supposed to be loaded at 3 am and now it is 7:06 pm. Everyone time I get in contact with customer service, they say I can not be helped.
    What is the point of having customer service? If they never have the ability to help customers. I think I am about done with this company. I have been using Payoneer for 2 years now and they don't seem to have any loyalty to their customers.
  • blogwiz
    blogwiz Member Posts: 7
    Yeah service has never been a big thing with payoneer! I have had to deal with them a few times and was never really satisfied with the service! They have a generic answer for everything! Good luck!