3 years inactif... Does it charge fees ?

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Hi there!

Actually i got my payoneer card since 2012 and i did not load it since it delivered to my house, the only thing that i did is i activated it, i did that because of many reasons, however! last month i decided to load some fund into it, so i did but i only loaded $10 to test it, my question is : if i load the card with $200+ does it charge fees of the whole 3 years, i mean when i load it, do payoneer going to take $90 as annual fees for the past 3 years or just for this year ? please help me out and give more details as much as you can, i really need to know about this issues ( i'm confused whether using this card or not :\ ), thanks in advance :smile:

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    Seriously :smile: i hope so, many thanks NafeesKhabir, i appreciate that :smiley:
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