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I get an error message "MA104"

glorious Member Posts: 4
Reference Number: 141112-000284
I am using my payoneer to be paid on elance, fiver and odesk. it is also linked with my paypal , I even have an affiliate account with payoneer and I was paid for my affiliate previously.
All my business payment is coming via payoneer and I was happy for more than a year until last week.

I made a mistake when entering my password so I got my account locked and when I called the support they asked my several questions to verify my ID and I answer them all put one question which was the secret question and to be honest I don't remember what was the answer for my secret question. after I told the support member that I don't really remember the answer since I don't even recall answering such a question he said I am sorry we can not help you and you need to write email.
I kept writing emails and calling until lastly I received an email from Adrien in the support team saying :
Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons. We will not be able to provide you with our services at this point.

I kept calling and try to get any answer but with no success. they even told me in my last call that we will not be able to do business with you.

Please do some thing to solve my problem, cancel the card and I am ready to pay for a new one but please
get me back my payoneer because my life is effected badly now.



  • glorious
    glorious Member Posts: 4
    Will any one look into my problem please!!!!
  • glorious
    glorious Member Posts: 4
    Hello payoneer
  • glorious
    glorious Member Posts: 4
    That's it. Now we understand what is payoneer. thank you payoneer for wasting my time and nerves. I will make sure that every one will know what they should be waiting along the way when using payoneer. dealing us this way will not only make us angry but for sure will show the real face you're trying to hide.