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Fees for using card on POS?

loriot35 Member Posts: 9
edited November 2014 in Ask The Community
Hi there.

Please an someone tell me what is the fee for using payoneer cards on POS?

I only find the fees for "ATM Withdrawal or POS/Bank Teller Cash Disbursement" and "ATM Decline Fee" and the regular card fees. But what is with POS transactions without obtain cash? please can you link me that?

kind regards


  • miha
    miha Member Posts: 46 ✭✭
    Just noticed that myself.

    From what I remember, the POS transactions (including payments on the Internet/Paypal) were free, i.e. there was no fee.

    It now shows me a $3 fixed fee for the partner-based accounts as well as the accounts created directly through Payoneer.

    Does that mean that if I spend, say, $10 on an internet purchase I will be charged $3 on top of that?

    I also remember there was a fee charged on every ATM withdrawal in a foreign currency, up to about 3.15% or something, now that information is gone as well.

    So are there any changes to the fees? Please clarify
  • paulwilliams
    paulwilliams Member Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Yes , if I use the card for buy milk for $3 , will I end up paying $6 ??
  • Crabolog
    Crabolog Member Posts: 2 probably there is no fee if you do not ask for cashback in POS.