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Support -- Online Chat - I am mad :-(

Sally33 Member Posts: 1
Hi guys, I know, it?s noit your fault, but I am sooo dman mad... you spport via E-Mail doesnt work since I have been client at payoneer...just more than 2 years... It NEVER answers or MAYBE weeks later.... unbelievable... now I thought, I have found a different way, to get anwers via Online Chat.... well, it says, the chat will be online between Mo. and Friday between 9 am and 3.30 pm.... today I was in line and waiting almost 1 hour and finally there was just one client left, before it was my turn... well, I thought wrong, than the one of Pyoneer just cancelled the chat and now it is completly off... that happened at 12.34 pm and till now, the Chat is offline..... whats wrong with it? Whats wrong with the support? To let you know the truth, for a bank, it doesnt look very serious and more and more I am getting afraid, that one day...whatever.... but I am serious, I am really tired of many things, not just the support... my money never comes on time and always I get the answer, it depends on others.. no ist doesnt, because I can check Paypal, when my money gets out and the process is complete and still my money "hangs" at Payoneer.... then it takes sometimes hours, until the approval is done...when its done faster, than loading the cards takes hours.... do you guys put everything manually in and have no system?
I am really looking forward for an answer, but at the end of everything, when nothing gonna change, I really need to find a differnet solution... I cant understand, that a BANK treads their clients like that.... and honestly? I am not alone with my opinion :-(


  • Srdjan
    Srdjan Member Posts: 8
    Agree support is very slow . One question and i get answer five days later . I can tell you that they don't read whole question and put a automated message , which has nothing to do with my question..

    I asked support to reset my pasword but there is some showing error on online reset password service. They answered to i could use that service, but i before said to that service with me dont work. i cant comunicate with support with 5 days distance.I too ask that on online chat. but she disconected me??? OMG