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40-50$ missing between what my affiliate paid and what payoneer paid.

staretah Member Posts: 1
edited December 2014 in Ask The Community
Hello Admin/Mod,

I work as an affiliate with a US company and opted for payoneer global bank transfer. So far its been exactly one year and everything was good but suddenly this time there is a difference between what my affiliate paid and what payoneer paid to me.

The amount paid by Affiliate is 478 USD and the normal exchange rates of payoneer for INR are around 58-59 INR per USD. There not a big change in this rate in the last few weeks so I hope its not exchange rate issue.

If I take the minimum rate of 58 and fees of 3$ it converts to 475*58 = 27550 (taking the lowest exchange rate which is highly unlikely)

but what payoneer send me is Amount Transferred: 25290.16 INR which atleast 2500INR(around 40 USD) short than the lowest possible exchange rate.

If there are some moderator or admin who can please look up into this issue please help me. My payoneer email is [email protected]. Please have a look at the transaction and let me know whats wrong.


EDIT: Mods please if this is not in correct forum please move the thread to the correct forum but please dont delete it. I can provide the email proof, bank statement proof and every proof of what I claimed above.