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Really Bad Experience With Live Chat and Email Support

MrsZam Member Posts: 3

I have submitted a ticket regarding my account 2 days ago, Reference Number: 141202-000868, when ever i tries to contact Live Chat Support regarding my ticket progress, they ask me to wait and let them view my account first, and then they disappear, mean no reply after that.

For the same there is no reply from email support team, regarding my ticket.

What happens if someone is looking for a quick support, and even members of live chat team can't help you out.?

Its really pathetic for companies like Payoneer!

Please let me know the status of my account and solve my issue ASAP, as i am unable to login into my account.



  • Nissim
    Nissim Administrator Posts: 3,602 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your customer support experience. I have passed this on to our Quality Assurance team and they will be looking into it as soon as possible.
  • Kamilia
    Kamilia Member Posts: 7
    @MrsZam - seriously, you're laments that you waited just two days?
    I have a ticket since August 11, which I have not received any response until now, so after 5 months !
    Reference number: LTK1216102742241X - I asked to change my name on the account,I sent them the documents required in this regard but as I wrote above until today I have not received any response, after 5 be patience >:)
  • tiendq
    tiendq Member Posts: 2
    Thanks MrsZam and Kamilia, at least I finally found that I'm not alone. I have sent 3 or 4 email questions to Payoneer (via their email form) in last 2 months but I have never got any reply. Great customer service :smile:

    And here is my last ticket number, 141215-005374, it was just sent yesterday, it won't be reply as usual but I don't know if I paste it here, it will be replied this time :)
  • MrsZam
    MrsZam Member Posts: 3
    So its going to be another Payza like? now i am really thinking to leave Payoneer, their support is useless, even their support can't help you to reset your password.

    Am i getting my issue resolved or not?
  • MrsZam
    MrsZam Member Posts: 3
    they are even not trying to answer here? what a awful support. Email support is dead, live chat is dead, community support is dead. I think payoneer is dead too?
  • waqas4741
    waqas4741 Member Posts: 2
    my payoneer card not arrived yet so i am very dec heart becouse i work with a usa compny so my payment hangon
  • waqas4741
    waqas4741 Member Posts: 2
    pls anybody help me my card not arrived ye i am waiting on 25 days ago
  • VicTheme
    VicTheme Member Posts: 4
    +1 here. waiting for my payment as a sender to get approve which said it could take 2-3days and turns out more than a week now. what a terrible service. wonder if my receiver didn't choose this payment option, I guess he already received the payment by now, don't see why he choose this :neutral:
  • Darya_Darya
    Darya_Darya Member Posts: 2
    I have been waited in queue about 20 minutes in Live Chat. My number was 2. I looked up again in few minutes and it was 3. How could that be lol? Very weird, to be honest.
  • Darya_Darya
    Darya_Darya Member Posts: 2
    And I don't understand why in chat operator was so slow. I need to wait three minuts every time I asked something. And usually his answer was: what do you mean. However, I simply asked about shipping methods - nothing unusual. Bummer.
  • thuhuong
    thuhuong Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2015
    Yeah, same here. chat, email, or phone all too slow and not supportive at all.
  • payoneerSUX
    payoneerSUX Member Posts: 3
    What these pathetic dickwads need is a good old-fashioned CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT... and/or having their throats slit. I'm happy with either result.
  • TemetNosce
    TemetNosce Member Posts: 5
    Add me to the list, I was counting on a money I had on my Payoneer account, but I had an older card. I asked them to send me a new with chip, I waited 3 weeks living like a beggar, finally the card arrived, it DOESNT have a chip. Can you f*cking believe it? This means I have to wait 3 more weeks? This is really messed up mistake coming from a "supposedly" reputable company. I hope something else comes along so this incompetent company is out of the game for good.
  • drifty
    drifty Member Posts: 2
    I had a similar experience yesterday, (first time dealing with them) waited 30 mins in queue for live support (understandable)... then when I explained that my new account card is not being accepted by their system for the activation process, after trying many suggested tests,

    the lady just said "it seems we are having technical problems"...

    No 'sorry for the inconvenience" no suggestions of how to deal with it... this is poor customer service. I had to ask her what I should do myself, like she didn't know what her job was.

    Still an issue btw, hence why I am now on this forum. (new customer, card wont work on the website)
  • syedkamran1988
    syedkamran1988 Member Posts: 1
    Its 2017 and payoneer still have same problems, I have transferred money to my local bank account, first time it took 3 days, second time 6 days and now third time its been 21 days I have not received payment.
    Don't get any response from support, live chat is garbage, never connected.

    Now I'm feeling I'm being scammed :smile:
  • 9odwa
    9odwa Member Posts: 1
    it's 2018 and im also waiting for there support to answer my ticket i think this is the worst support i did ever try !