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My payoneer card is not getting accepted by 2 merchant system.

helal_desk Member Posts: 2

Not sure if this is exactly the right place for posting this but I wasn't able to get satisfied answer and help from payoneer live customer department which is why I am posting this there.

I am trying to make purchase through 2 billing system gateway. One is vultr custom billing and other one is 2checkout.

So anyway. I have more then enough cash to make this purchase.

I tried several times on making purchase on both system but its giving me error.

After adding all correct information this error I am getting: - (unable to add as a new member) - (unable to add as a new member)

I tried contacting both merchant about this. And response from vultr was to contact with my card issuer bank. After I asked payoneer live support team about this and they told me that they found no problem and they didn't blocked anything.

If you check and compare this screenshot with above one from You will see they made a preauthorization charge successfully for verifying my card but also failed to add my card on their billing system?. As transaction has been denied by my card issuer which is payoneer. And I am suspecting that payoneer blocked or limited my card on making purchase on some website?.

Preauthorization charge: (unable to add as a new member)

Though I am still waiting for a response from 2checkout still and not even sure if they will let me know.

Not only this 2 website I am having this problem but also I am unable to make purchase from , and some more. They are all declining my card. And that is not making sense at all.

Even though 2checkout said they support debit card?. But mine is Mastercard/Debit?. Or isn't it?. Besides I thought 2checkout partnered with payoneer?. and transaction supposed to be complete successfully.

:( I have no idea what is happening now. I am really unsatisfied that I am not able to make any purchase in most of all websites even where it said Mastercard supported.

Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks.