My payoneer debit card is faild when trying to verify in

In my payoneer account I have - $2.80 and in my skrill account - $61.39 but when I try to add payoneer debit card in skrill, every time it is failed to verify. Please help me to verify the card. Thanks


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    The first thing is just go to your transactions and find out the value that Payoneer have charged from the card. it is usually less than 2.99USD. So after you found that amount simply substitute it to the following formula;
    let X = the amount shown in payoneer transaction page which MB have charged you.
    ( X/101.8 ) * 100 = Y
    here Y is the real amount that MB have charged from you. So when you try to verify your card, add the'Y' value in MB to verify ur Payoneer card.
    And this formula is simply made with; 100 + 1.8<- the MB Upload funds fee from a credit debit card.
    And also, if there are more than 2 decimals, round up in to 2 decimals when verifying your payoneer card in MB.
  • Mohiuddin01716Mohiuddin01716 Member Posts: 6
    i tell everything. see the attachment..after that it is shown failed
  • ozxbozxb Member Posts: 9
    me too i have this problem
  • Mohiuddin01716Mohiuddin01716 Member Posts: 6
    In my payoneer account I have - $2.80. i called them
  • NafeesKhabirNafeesKhabir Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    what they said ?
  • Mohiuddin01716Mohiuddin01716 Member Posts: 6
    they said my payoneer balance is now - $2.80
  • NafeesKhabirNafeesKhabir Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    I called them agent said what is payoneer :persevere: 
  • Mohiuddin01716Mohiuddin01716 Member Posts: 6
    i need to slove the problem and want to add the payoneer debit card to skrill. please help me and also i have another question. can i withdraw skrill money from this debit card
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    I tried it Few Minutes ago.
    I log into my payoneer account after clicking verify card in Skrill
    ViewTransactions > View Pending Authorizations > 
    DateTerminal Description   Amount
    12/13/2014 23:48         SKR* Skrill GBR    $-2.56

    And I input the same data in skrill and my card is verified
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    Worked this formula: ( X/101.8 ) * 100 = Y

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