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You cannot add a bank at this time .

InstantPk Member Posts: 1
Very sad to see the reply of Paypal today that they now not supporting US bank Payoneer account which is called US payment service.
I just send a email that am getting error that "You cannot add a bank at this time ." I email them with my complete bank details so they reply me that.

"Dear -------.
Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. My name is Waad and I am happy to assist you .
I understand the difficulties you are having linking Payoneer to your PayPal account .
Since June 10, 2014 it is no longer possible to add Payoneer with your PayPal account. As stated in the terms and conditions of this service American payment, Payoneer accounts are virtual bank accounts and so you can not add them to your PayPal account.

According to Section 14 - Your Responsibility, "American service payment is not considered a bank account in the United States and received funds in your account are not insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). "

For more information, contact Payoneer directly and check with your local bank to see what options you have to transfer with PayPal in your country.

Sorry for the inconvenience and remain at your disposal for any further information
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PayPal Customer Solutions
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I also attached a image as well, please check it , that very sad for the people who's using payoneer with paypal and unable to withdraw paypal to payoneer and payoneer to home .

If any one experience please comment it.. am very much worried I ahve big amount in paypal and now they deny that we are not accepting Payoneer Bank Account.


  • radhwane
    radhwane Member Posts: 4
    yes the same problem with me i send allmy details about my bank and they reply me

    " please be informed that Payonneer account is not a bank account and so you would not be able to add it to your PayPal account. Also, the US Payment Service is not a bank account in the United States and funds received on your behalf are not FDIC-insured. We are sorry for any difficulties this may cause but recommend contacting Payoneer directly for additional information"

    very sad to see that

    any solution please

  • GoranD
    GoranD Member Posts: 9
    This is currently the most important thing because everyone will have a problem with this. Please Payoneer solve this problem as soon as possible.