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Please Active My Card (Support misunderstood my massage!!)

Hello Support,
Pls Help Me!!!

I just sent a massage to payoneer support center, just to know that what will happen if i see any transaction that i did not make? I just wanted to know, though this is not happened to me at all.
But support Blocked my Card!!! with out reading my massage details!!!

My Massage to Support:

Dear Support,
I see a transaction that i didn't make!
Though this situation is not happened to me right now!

I just want to know that if it happens in the future, then what I've to do? or will i get my money back? or what's the result will be?
Pls let me know details about this.
Thank You,

Support Replied to me:

It seems that your card has been compromised. We have blocked your card to prevent any future unauthorized transactions. In blocking your card, all additional features to transfer funds out of your Payoneer Account will also be temporarily disabled. You will be able to regain access to these features once you receive and activate your new card.


  • KamalPixi
    KamalPixi Member Posts: 8
    After a Successful Verification Payoneer Unlocked My Card! I say Thank You Payoneer. Payoneer Support response is Very fast, and friendly.
    Now I'm Happy! :)