Payoneer refuses payments from Twitter

NikolaiSNikolaiS Member Posts: 7

I'm working with MoPub which is a Twitter subsidiary. Payments come from Twitter. The last successful transaction was made 08/06/2014, payment id 11604600. For the next several months according to MoPub support their payments were rejected by the bank Payoneer uses. I did not change payment details. I double and triple checked that the details I provided to MoPub were correct. I tried to contact Payoneer support via email form Message form in the Support Center but did not get the answer.

My questions are:
- did Payoneer receive incoming payments from Twitter to my account after the last successful transaction?
- what is the possible reason they were rejected?
- have your bank changed the address? MoPub requires to specify bank address in order to send payments and it took me some effort last time before Payoneer shared it with me.
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