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Address issues

MirceaKitsune Member Posts: 7
edited December 2014 in Ask The Community
Hello everyone, I am a new user. I just registered for a Payoneer account and card, and my registration was approved within a few minutes. Everything seems to be fine... but there's one issue I'm concerned with:

The registration page asked for my street address. Since the word "street" induced me in error, I simply typed in the name and number of my street. I then noticed that it's the address at which my card will be shipped, and it's also supposed to be the full address in my ID card.

As soon as my application was approved, I went to my Profile page and edited the address field. But I ran into another problem: The maximum character limit is very low! That's an issue because I live in a city, so I have to specify more data: Street name, street number, block name, block entrance, floor, apartment number. For now I settled with simply setting it to "street name + street number, block, apartment".

First of all, is that correct, and what should someone in my situation write there exactly? And second, will this edit be noticed before the card is shipped, or will I be contacted via email or phone if the courier has issues finding where I live due to this? I was told that the card will arrive on 7 January 2015, which is about two weeks from now, so I assume there's enough time to see the edited address. Thanks.


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