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Freelancer Income Survey Email

rmalia Member Posts: 1

I received an email from Payoneer stating "Thank you for recently filling out our Freelancer Income Survey. The information you’ve provided will allow us to offer you an in depth overview of the local freelance market as well as important insights to grow your freelance career."

The thing is, I haven't filled out the survey. Is this just a generic email that gets sent out to everyone no matter whether they filled the survey or not, or has my account somehow been compromised? I went ahead and changed my password just in case, but I'd like to know why I received that email. Thanks.


  • Nissim
    Nissim Administrator Posts: 3,602 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm sorry for the confusion, as this e-mail was mistakenly sent to some account holders that did not complete the survey.

    However you can be assured that your account was not compromised in any way, and it was a simple case of a mistaken (but real) e-mail sent by our support team.